Chabe Escalante's Warrior 09 (WIP)

This is work based off of Chabe Escalante's Warrior 09 concept (, done for Dylan Ekren's Creating Appealing Characters workshop. Done mostly in ZBrush, with a little bit of Maya for some accessories.

Matt mcclure 2017 05 15 dylanclassproject jeanpascalhairsimplification

Better defining and simplifying the hair.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure week12 04

5/6 - Another round of recommendations from Dylan, and another round of fixes! Also started simplifying the hair, and adding back in strands. Almost ready to call the head done, so I can finalize the clothing.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure week11 14

5/4 - Paintover on the left was a crit offered up by a Facebook friend (thanks, Leslie!). Made more progress tonight. She's getting closer! Need to simplify the hair and shrink the eyes a bit, and I thinks it's time to move on to the cloth polishing.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure week11 11

4/29 - This weekend's face updates next to Chabe's concept (full concept here: I got some good feedback on simplifying the hair and bringing some of the planes back into the nose area. Back to it tonight!

Matt mcclure face02

Week 10 - quick liquefy to give myself some direction for final face shape/proportion tweaks.

Matt mcclure finalpushgif wk11 d01 sun

Week 10 - fixing lots of face issues.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw09

Week 9! I'm planning to use this mesh to learn rigging after the final sculpt submission, so I redid the topology for the face. I got some good recommendations for more forehead and ear loops, and this has the former but not the latter (yet).

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw08c

Week 8 - more posing, sculpting, and polypainting. This will get finalized after week 8's feedback.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw08b

Week 8 - hair fixes and facial posing.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw07b

Week 7 - started on the hair.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw07a

Week 7 - started posing, made more proportion/silhouette fixes.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw06b

Also week 6: more clothes.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw06a

Week 6 face fixes and polypaint.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw05

Week 5.

Matt mcclure mmcclure week04 partial

Week 4.

Matt mcclure mmcclure week03 feedback fixes

Week 3.

Matt mcclure mattmcclure hw02

Week 2's block-in.